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Saturday, May 9, 2020

GTA 6 To Be Release On May 12 | Gaming News

It’s been nearly eight years since Rockstar Games released the critically acclaimed GTA V, marking the ninth installment to the popular franchise. Even though it is nearly a decade old, the game is still going strong thanks to GTA Online.
However, some fans are waiting for a fresh coat of paint, specifically, GTA 6. There have been plenty of rumblings about what could come next – including locations, characters, and even a storyline, but there hasn’t been anything official just yet. Though, that hasn’t stopped fans from having hope.

The new date that some fans are pointing to for an official reveal is May 12th. Why that date? Well, in the absence of E3 this year, Geoff Keighley is hosting his own games showcase and there is an early surprise spot.

“May 12, 12pm ET/9am PT, join Geoff Keighley for a surprise game reveal,” the Summer Games Fest post reads, without any hint at the developer, publisher, or any other distinguishable clues about what the title could be. 

Despite lacking clues, GTA fans believe that it is their time to shine because they just want to see the new game. There have been so many false dawns in recent months – with a huge number of fans believing that the game was going to be revealed towards the end of March.

GTA 6 fans have seen many false dawns come and go as they wait for official confirmation from Rockstar Games on the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. Not too long ago the rumour mill was abuzz with claims that GTA 6 could be getting announced in March, with a few possible dates touted. But as we all know March came and went without even a peep from Rockstar Games on GTA 6.
Some news has suggested that GTA 6 is unlikely to come anytime soon, claiming that the game is barely in pre-production – though that has been contested by Rockstar insiders who believe it is more than halfway done.

Whether or not we’ll see GTA 6 On Tuesday, May 12 is up in the air, but Rockstar has a tendency to do things in their own way.
GTA IV was revealed in partnership with Microsoft, but GTA V was built up on social media before an announcement. We’ll just have to wait and see what they do this time around.
We are currently in the midst of the longest wait ever for a brand new Grand Theft Auto game, and fans are desperate to know when GTA 6 will actually be out.
Conflicting reports from trusted insiders have put GTA 6 as a far away as a few years down the line, while others have said the project may have reached the testing stage.

n the Diamond Casino there is one corridor which has some very eye-catching signage on it.
On one side of the corridor is 'DIAMOND' with '510' underneath it, while on the other side we have 'SER' with 'VICE' underneath it.
Fans were left wondering if this was a subtle hint from Rockstar Games about when GTA 6 could actually be getting revealed.
GTA gamers took the 'VICE' sign as a reference to PS2 classic Vice City, and the rumoured local for the next Grand Theft Auto game.
While they were also left wondering if '510' referred to when GTA 6 could be getting revealed, was this a hint news was coming on May 10?
That date is fast approaching, however we wouldn't get your hopes up that news will drop then.

May 10 is a Sunday, and it would be a very bizarre move for Rockstar to reveal the most anticipated unannounced game on the horizon on a weekend.
Stranger things have happened, of course, but it just doesn't seem likely.
The news comes as Rockstar Games' parent company Take Two are getting ready to release their next financial results.
And alongside the earnings report being released on Wednesday May 20 Take Two are set to reveal their forecast for the next financial year.
In this briefing we may get a snippet of information which could shine a light on whether fans should expect a big release in 2020 or not.
During the last earnings call Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said: "As we always do, you're going to hear our initial outlook for fiscal '21 in May, and our labels, of course, always make our product releases.

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